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The Outdoor Adventure Club at the University of Chicago is your gateway from the classroom to the woods

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The OAC meets weekly, Mondays at 8pm in Bartlett Lounge. To get to Bartlett Lounge, walk past Bart Mart and turn left before the stairs. The lounge is straight ahead.


In order to come on OAC trips and to borrow gear without a fee, you need to be an official member. Fill out the form below and give it, along with $10, to one of the officers listed above. If you don't know any of us, we will respond to smoke signals and/or neon posters hung from Ryerson. Or maybe emails.
Membership Form

Gear Rentals

Click here for current inventory

  1. Carefully review the Rental Policies. Note: All checks must be made out to "University of Chicago"
  2. Contact the gear managers with general details (what, when, who). Please direct your email to both gear managers and CC Ruby An as well. Click here to email all three at once.
  3. Our gear manager will arrange a time to meet you at Ida Noyes, where our gear is located. There will be a deposit, fee, and form to fill out (consult the rental policies for details).
  4. Have an awesome, awesome trip with our gear.
  5. RETURN our gear as quickly as possible when you are done. To do so, contact us again and we will plan a time to meet you to check-in the gear and return your deposit. Again, please consult the rental policies about gear return as there is a late fee as well as some requirements about the condition it is returned in.

Mailing List

In order to here about what trips we're planning, or take advantage of our more than three hundred member mailing list to invite people and plan your own trips, follow these directions:

  1. Subscribe to it here.
  2. Login with your UCID, or use an external email (instructions are on the site).
  3. Search "outdooradventureclub" in the List of Lists. It may take awhile to load. Be patient!
  4. Click "subscribe" button, which can be found about mid-screen on the left.
  5. Click that "yes" button with gusto and revel in the joy of being part of the OAC listhost.



PresidentRuby AnEmail Ruby
SecretaryHenry FrenchEmail Henry
TreasurerDaniel HeinsEmail Daniel
Snack CoordinatorAngela LiEmail Angela
Gear ManagerJen FengEmail Jen
Gear ManagerSam Hoffman Email Sam